Payment methods

We currently offer the following payment methods for customers:

Countries                     Payment method                Payment provider

Worldwide                   PayPal                                       PayPal

Worldwide                  Bank cards                            Stripe



Shemp uses the best options for delivery, which provide safe and fast delivery. We use the services of GLS courier service and DHL Express. You may choose ordinary method of delivery by GLS courier or expedited DHL Express on checkout stage.

We deliver your order to the address provided by you on the order form. Once your order has been shipped, we will send you an email with tracking number, which allows you to track your order online.

Delivery times are approximate and may be delayed during busy periods such as Christmas as we are reliant on our courier service providers GLS and DHL International.


Shipping costs

GLS courier service

Free shipping: Orders above £30 in the United Kingdom. For orders under £30, we charge £4.00 in the United Kingdom.

DHL Express

Shipping costs will vary depending on the total of product’s order weight and country of destination.

Weight Cost

< 0.50 kg              29.00 €

>= 0.50 kg            33.00 €

>= 1.00 kg            50.00 €

>= 2.50 kg            57.00 €

>= 5.00 kg            77.00 €



Shipping countries


GLS courier service

The delivery time for most EU countries usually takes 3-5 business days.


DHL Express

The delivery time for most EU countries usually takes 1-2 business days.


You can find out more in the chart below.


Country                Delivery time (business days)


GLS courier service          DHL Express


Austria 3 – 5        1


Bulgaria                4 – 6        1 – 2


Croatia 3 – 5        1 – 2


Czech Republic 2 – 4        1


Denmark             3 – 5        1


Estonia 3 – 5        1


France 3 – 5        1


Greece                 6 – 8        1


Hungary               3 – 5        1


Ireland 4 – 6        1


Italy       4 – 6        1


Latvia    3 – 5        1


Lithuania              3 – 5        1


Luxembourg      3 – 5        1


Netherlands       3 – 5        1


Portugal               5 – 7        1


Romania              4 – 6        1 – 2


Slovenia               3 – 5        3


Spain     4 – 6        1


Sweden               3 – 5        1


UK          3 – 5        1


Please note, any dates quoted for delivery of goods are approximate and cannot be guaranteed as we use external courier services for shipping your orders. In case of delays, Shemp will contact our dedicated GLS coordinator if you used GLS courier service. If you choose DHL Express we recommend you to contact DHL services. If you have any other questions you can contact us directly by email and we will help you.


Due to different legal regulations across the EU we can not provide information regarding legal status of a product in all the EU countries. Please note, you are responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country. You are the importer of the products and shall be aware about your local laws.

By placing the order at Shemp you accept all the responsibilities regarding legality of the products that will be shipped to you. We can not resend or refund orders which have been seized or destroyed by customs.

Please note, we do not cover any additional charges for customs clearance.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding delivery:

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